.. on his goals: “I personally have a lot to win because I haven’t won any title in Germany. I’m very excited to continue winning all possible titles here. Champions League is the highest goal of course because I’ve never won it. Next season, we have to pick up from where the guys left off in 2019/20.”
… on Bundesliga: “We players know that winning the league is not certain. I know that I have to give 100% in every single game, because the competition at big clubs is tremendous. If you don’t play well for a few games, there is always someone waiting to take your place.”
… regarding Premier League: “The premier league has quite a few great players and teams but Bayern could easily compete for the title there, undoubtedly. Bayern is one of the top clubs in the world.”
… on Pep’s contribution: “I learned a lot from him especially positional play, perception of the entire game, how to act and react in attack and defence.”
… on Robben and Ribery’s playing style: “I prefer both Robben’s shooting capabilities and Ribery’s combination football. I want to score and assist. I don’t only want to be like Robben and Ribéry. I have my own style and I will try to go my own way. I need to improve my right foot, my positional play. The number 10 means a lot to me, adds a little extra motivation.”
… on top-scorer cannon and Lewandowski: “That wouldn’t be bad. I can’t say no. But I would happily leave the award for Lewy every year.”