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Licкιηg is the sweetest thing on earth, sadly you did not get some- Slay queen teases 60-year old mother, watch her reaction


A slay queen in a self-recorded video obtained by www.YenMotion.com is seen teasing her mother who we assumed in her 60s about the magic of licking.

The young lady without mincing words boldly said licking is the sweetest thing on earth that goes hand-in-hand with penetrative sex.

Beaming with smiles and a spark radiating all over her face, the light-skinned lady went further by mocking her mom for not having the chance to experience the indescribable feeling of a man going down on her.

The aging woman replied that she was content with what she had and probably enjoyed their own conservative lovemaking and sex.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, one Angiewood, a budding Afrobeat musician has just confirmed this theory by going n.ude on Facebook live to promote her new song.

The young lady is seen twerking and occasionally flashing her hairy vajayjay as she entertains her followers in the over 10minutes long video we sighted on FB.

At a point in time, her bundle finished which interrupted the live session and occasionally she asked the fans to share the video otherwise she would just pull the plugs.

Angiewood however returned seconds later to continue with it while begging for a bundle to be sent to her number so she could unleash more doses of her crude modus operandi on them.

Click here to watch the video. 

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