List Of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Can't Stay Out Of Smoking - Check out
List Of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Can't Stay Out Of Smoking - Check out

Being a big name in spite of the fan and the energies that accompany it, it has its drawbacks. Your life turns into an open book presented to open and media investigation.

The vast majority smoke — be it cannabis, cigarette, Shisha, or stogie and it’s their life. Its ethical quality is a conversation for some other time. In any case, when a big name supposedly is overindulging in this demonstration, it raises open concern considering the way that they are good examples for many individuals.

A few superstars in Ghana who are dependent smokers as well as is so profound they can’t go a solitary day without smoking a few joints/sticks. Look at them.

The first run through Ghanaians and the devotees of Kwabena discovered he is a smoker was the point at which he was caught in photograph smoking in a dance club in South Africa. Of course, the capable artist denied it.


The first time Ghanaians and the fans of Kwabena Kwabena found out he is a smoker was when he was captured in photo smoking in a nightclub in South Africa. As usual, the talented singer denied it.


Ever since that incidence, we later found out he is an addictive smoker. Not many will be surprised about his smoking habit.He Smokes a lot. In fact, every single day we were told.
Kwame Sefa Kayi is a household name in Ghana. He is an ace presenter who works with Peace FM. He hosts the most popular morning show program in Ghana, “Kokrokoo”.
Checks has revealed Kwame is one of the most addictive celebrity smokers in Ghana. We learned he picked up the habit way back in High school days when he lived at Burma Camp.

Most people will not be surprised about Efya being included on the list. Efya is a known chain smoker. She herself has on several occasions admitted to being an addicted smoker. But she said it’s only Cigarette she smokes.

But can tell you for a fact Efya goes beyond cigarette. She is into other hard drugs possibly even cocaine…oo yea

Dancehall King Shatta Wale is also another addictive smoker. He is captured on video and photos several times and he himself has admitted to being an addictive smoker.

Although he occasionally takes a cigarette, he prefers marijuana.

Mildred Ashong known by her stage name Eazzy smokes a lot. She is actually one of the few female singers who has bee caught on camera smoking. If it is one or two sticks, I wouldn’t have been worried but it looks like she is addicted to it.

The former Lynx Entertainment artist it is rumored can’t stay away from the smoke. A source close to the beautiful singer revealed she picked up this habit even before she became a celebrity. How interesting.

It’s no secret Amakye Dede is an addictive smoker. The veteran highlife artist we understand doesn’t smoke just cigarettes. He is also into hard stuff including marijuana.

The investigation revealed he started smoking in his teenage days and has kept it going for all these years.


The ever controversial Afia Schwarzenegger understand picked up the habit during her days in South Africa.

She is chain smoker but has just managed to keep it low until his brouhaha with Kennedy Agyapong where he later revealed to the public.

Ghanaian rapper Yaa Pono is also a very heavy smoker. He is into anything and everything that is smoked. But Marijuana apparently is his favorite.


The 30-year-old Dancehall musician on his official Snapchat account was seen smoking what is alleged to be cannabis