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Mahama’s nonappearance suffocates Akufo-Addo at Independence day occasion


The nonattendance of Ex-President John Mahama from Ghana’s 63rd Independence Day festivity at the Kumasi Sports Stadium and the course of a vacant seat with his name emblazoned on it to mock him, has removed the excellence and sparkle the occasion would have brought.

Be that as it may, at last, neither the messages of President Akufo-Addo, nor his Special Guest of Honor, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley, are on the lips of Ghanaians and even the media, aside from the nonappearance of Mr Mahama, who is going into a third challenge for the Presidency with Akufo-Addo, after their 2012 and 2016 decisions which they each won.

Since Friday, when the national occasion occurred in the Ashanti district just because, the sum total of what conversations have been about ex-President Mahama and not the excellence of the service which saw understudies, dealers, military, police and other state security organizations, just as expert bodies, walking in a full-to-limit arena under the searing sun.

The nonattendance of the previous President, started blended response in with some to a great extent individuals from the NPP, blaming him for not indicating statesmanship, while others in his gathering the National Democratic Congress (NDC) , demand he was directly in not going to in light of the fact that, he had not been concurred the required regard by both the President and his nominees.

Some refered to the unpleasant handshake from President Akufo-Addo to his ancestor at the Kofi Annan Forum at some point a year ago, demanding things were wrong.

It isn’t actually clear what caused the disappointment of the previous President from going to the capacity. In any case, Photos of an unfilled seat marked with the name John Dramani Mahama overflowed internet based life in the midst of proposals he purposely would not join in.

The image available for use had previous President John D. Mahama, imprinted on a seat next ex-President, John Agyekum Kufuor. The seat had the occasion leaflet on it.

While, a few people looked straight into the camera used to snap the photo of the unfilled seat with some wearing a grin, ex-President Kufour, seemed, by all accounts, to be demonstrating his dissatisfaction, as he had his head bowed. The seat was later involved by the National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay.

Curiously, in spite of the fact that Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, was not at function, the seat was seen of him marked, unfilled and with pamphlet like that implied for Mr Mahama, recommending the name and picture was intended to humiliate him.

In any case, a previous Director of Communications at the Presidency under the recent Mahama organization, Stan Dogbe, has implied that the nearness of previous President Mahama at capacities with President Akufo-Addo frequently aggravates the last mentioned.

Stan Dogbe, close working staff of the previous President, asked why individuals from the overseeing NPP, have all the earmarks of being indicating unnecessary enthusiasm for the nonattendance of Mr Mahama from the 63rd Independence Anniversary march

Nonetheless, Mr Dogbe, accepts the discussion about the nonappearance of his manager is specific and underhanded.

“It is fascinating how Brand #JohnMahama has totally eclipsed the 63rd Independence message of the President to the individuals of Ghana.Or there was no message, in light of the energy with which online life dogs of the legislature and some news outlets decided to concentrate on the production of an alleged void seat of the previous president at the Kumasi occasion.

Some administration laborers, including a media official at the Presidency, Charles NiiTeiko Tagoe, and supporters of the decision party, have labeled me in their posts of the alleged void seat. Genuinely, I am as yet attempting to comprehend what their anxiety or interests are, on the grounds that their chief, Nana Akufo-Addo, doesn’t care for the possibility of #John Mahama’s essence at occasions and Programs he’s likewise at” Stan Dogbe composed on Facebook.

He expressed further that, previous President Mahama, isn’t required to be at each state work and asked why the nonappearance of previous President Jerry John Rawlings, didn’t make worries as thought about John Mahama.

He included “Reality expresses that President Mahama, isn’t required to be at each occasion he is welcome to. Furthermore, the equivalent applies to the President. That is the reason the VP Bawumia and different Ministers, have and keep on speaking to him at different exercises he’s welcomed as well, and regularly after the solicitations are acknowledged. Was the President at the yearly 28 February Crossroads shooting occurrence and the Milo supported State Award for School Children? Are these characteristic of him acting immaturely and leaving these jobs for the VP?

In Tamale a year ago, was previous President John Agyekum Kufuor there, and is government proposing that by his nonappearance he didn’t go about as a Statesman and subsequently frivolous, realizing the appearing to be discontent among a portion of his supporters inside the framework?

Was President Rawlings at the Friday occasion in Kumasi? What’s more, for what reason was his seat not named evidently and captured and circled?”

In spite of the fact that Mr Dogbe, didn’t give explanations behind the nonappearance of the Presidential applicant of the National Democratic Congress at the Independence Day Celebration, he attested that President Akufo-Addo, despises the nearness of the previous President at occasions both need to join in.

“Let us recall that while President Mahama had and still exhibits an extraordinary feeling of unity and regard for all, and has shown it any place he is and with all including political adversaries, same can’t be said of Mr. Akufo-Addo. He delegated his detestation of Mahama’s essence with him at occasions with his humiliating trip in September 2019 during the Kofi Annan International Forum. So for what reason would Mahama’s nonappearance at Friday’s occasion involve worry to him and his kin?” he addressed.

The choice by state authorities to mark a seat for previous President has been addressed by the NDC.

The gathering guaranteed it was purposely done by the State Protocol with a potential conspiracy of some NPP authorities, to depict Mahama, who is looking to recover power in the 2020 presidential political decision, as unpatriotic individual.

Showing up on TV3 news investigation appear, The Key Points on Saturday, Communications individual from the NDC, Brogya Genfi, said tragically the State Protocol would act in the way it did with the previous President.

He conceded that, in spite of the fact that Mahama was appropriately welcomed to go to the program, he showed to the State Protocol that he would not have the option to go to the occasion since he would have been away on March 6.

“Thus we were totally amazed when they named a seat in his name and caught it when the State realized he was not going to be there,” Mr Genfi expressed.

He included: “That is shocking that the state convention of our country will, possibly in intrigue with some gathering authorities, will plan something for attempt to discolor the picture of the previous president”.

He didn’t comprehend why the State Protocol will accomplish something like particularly when previous President John Rawlings who was likewise missing at the occasion, was not given a marked seat.

“Previous president Rawlings was not there, I didn’t see his vacant seat named and an image taken… I’m letting you know on power that the state knew previous president Mahama was never going to be at the occasion. So for what reason do you give a seat to him, put a tag [of] his name on it and afterward snap a photo of it and begin to troll him via web-based networking media. It is incredibly, lamentable,” Mr Genfi dissented.

Likewise, he has dismissed cases that the NDC boycotted commemoration march, saying “there were numerous individuals from parliament from the minority side at the occasion. The territorial administrators of the NDC were profoundly spoken to by the Regional director and different officials so we didn’t blacklist the occasion”.

Remarking on the issue, a senior instructor at the University of Education in Winneba, Dr Ahmed Jinapor, raised worry about the level legislative issues brought into the festival throughout the years.

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“I think for the most part, the manner in which it is sorted out and done looks excessively political,” he expressed.

In spite of the fact that he likewise raised worried about the seat given to Johm Mahama as against what was appointed to previous President John Kufuor, he said that was not to state the last got special treatment.

“Take a gander at the seat that President Kufuor was perched on, take a gander at the seat that is named Mahama and take a gander at the other seat, you can see that it isn’t the equivalent,” he said.

In the mean time, previous President Rawlings, has clarified he pardoned himself from the 63rd national Independence Day march in Kumasi to join the individuals Sogakope to praise the day.

As indicated by him, it was to show solidarity with the individuals of the territory, following the ongoing spate of brutal assaults, which finished in the demise of the assemblyman of the region, Marcus Mawutor Azahli a week ago.

The previous president, additionally asked the police organization to prepare its men to empower them play out their jobs adequately, asking the individuals and the security offices to be watchful to forestall such fierce, criminal assaults.

An announcement gave by the previous president, said he joined the Sogakope individuals “to communicate my sympathies and feelings to every one of that has occurred in the course of the most recent month”.

He stated, he was confident that right data would be imminent to guarantee that those liable for the brutality are managed.

“I think some about these things happen in light of the fact that a portion of the killings that have been going on right now particularly right now not being managed suitably, so individuals feel they can do things like that without any potential repercussions and pull off it, realizing they won’t follow through on the cost with their lives also.

Portraying the procession as one of the most great he had seen since he begun watching the yearly District occasion, previous President Rawlings communicated his appreciation for the vitality on the ground and encouraged the individuals to safeguard and use it to serve the zone, the area and the c

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