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Man plans to divorce his wife for failing to help him build a house


A man who is angry has started plans to divorce his wife of 15 years after she failed to help him put up a building for themselves even though she had N18 million in her account.

According to a tweet sighted which shared more lights on the matter indicated that the main reason for her refusal was because her friend advised her not to because her name was not on the house document.

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It revealed that the husband has been asking her for money to help complete the house but she kept telling him she had no money not knowing she was planning to get a house for herself.

She finally got a house but got the shocked of her life after she was defrauded by the agent of her N18 million.

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The husband noticed some abnormal behavior of his wife and found out that she had been defrauded.

At that point, he got furious with his wife because he took care of her from her tertiary and masters only for her to pay him back with such an act.

He therefore called for a divorce of their marriage. Calls from some people in the society to make him forgive his wife has proved futile.

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See screenshot below: