Man who derives pleasure by injuring his wife during s.ex laments after she withdrew from act


A man who practices sadism has lamented that he’s not happy that his wife has withdrawn from the act and left him hanging just like that.

According to him, before they got married his wife was into BDSM like himself. BDSM stands for ‘bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism’, and the acronym has largely replaced the earlier term ‘sadomasochism’.

He said the situation is forcing him to reach out to other side chics who could render the same service to him because the fun aspect of their love making has fizzled out.

He wrote:

“Before I married my wife, she told me she was into BDSM like me. This is the reason I married her because that is the only way I can have sx and enjoy it. I am a sadist, I like flogging her and inflicting injuries on her. The pain and her cry arouses me. She was really good at it. After I married her, she stooped it totally…”


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