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Manasseh tackles McDan for saying wives should not pay bills


Regarding the matter of ladies not covering bills as raised by Dr Daniel McKorley otherwise known as McDan, analytical writer Manasseh Azure Awuni has given an opposite view in another post located on his Facebook page.

Days prior, the Ghanaian industry mogul and CEO of McDan Group of Companies created a ruckus when he said men ought to never permit their spouses to take care of bills since it’s not their obligation.

“Your better half’s compensation is her compensation. Try not to get back home and battle your significant other in light of the fact that she can stand to pay the charges. Regardless of whether she is paying the charges, attempt to dominate. You are the man. Been believed to be entirely dependable.

I’m extremely specific about that in light of the fact that a ton of fathers of late are wedding since they believe ladies should cover their bills. Try not to take care of business that a lady covers your bills,” he had said on Hitz FM.

Notwithstanding, Manasseh said his hypothesis can’t be applied to all relationships since he (McDan) is a rich man and can stand to buy into this way of thinking.

The columnist posted;

“McDan has said men shouldn’t permit their spouses to cover the bills at home. He says regardless of whether your better half is covering the expenses and bills, take over in light of the fact that that is the job of a man. The lady’s cash, as indicated by him, is her cash and not for the covering of bills. The man is the guardian of the home.

McDan is a rich man. On the off chance that this applies in his marriage, I won’t blame him. In any case, I can’t help contradicting his situation as a remedy for all relationships.

A man’s cash isn’t his cash. A lady’s cash isn’t her cash. A lady’s cash, similar to a man’s, is for the family.

Nothing bad can really be said about a lady taking care of bills on the off chance that she makes to the point of supporting the home. Assuming she acquires undeniably more than her better half and needs to assume control over the installment of bills at home, that checks out.

My better half here and there gives me cash when I reached a financial dead end. She looks for the home. There’s nothing despicable about that.

The idea that covering bills and dealing with the house is the obligation of the man is obsolete.

The disgracing of men whose spouses assist with dealing with the home varieties potentially negative side-effects and extends the concealment of ladies.

It is the explanation a few men would do everything, including undermining their spouses, to stay in charge. Assuming a spouse makes a profession leap forward that would require her better half to forfeit his vocation, the man ought to give way on the off chance that his significant other’s advancement is definitely more useful to the family than both.

However, assuming that man will be mocked by the general public since his significant other is taking care of the bills, the won’t surrender his place.

There are no severe and quick principles in marriage. What applies to McDan may not concern me. What concerns me may not concern you.

Individuals ought to pick what works for them. Men whose spouses take care of bills ought not be caused to feel deficient.”

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