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Meet Elizabeth Amoaa; The Beautiful Ghanaian Lady Who Has 2 Vαginαs And Wombs (Watch)


A Ghanaian lady called Elizabeth Amoaa has gained the spotlight after it emerged that she was born with two wombs, two cervixes, and two vαginαs canals.

Per the information we picked from AtinkaNews, the beautiful lady was born with uterine malformation where the uterus is present as a paired organ when the embryogenetic fusion of the Müllerian ducts fails to occur. As a result, there is a double uterus with two separate cervixes, and possibly a double vαginαs as well.

Popularly known as Special Lady, Miss Amoaa, who is a Women Reproductive Health Advocate, came out for the first time in 2017 to narrate her story as a woman born with a rare congenital abnormality of the womb called uterus didelphys.

Elizabeth’s remarkable story has headlined a lot of tabloids in over 100 countries worldwide. Owing to her rare condition, she came up with Special lady Awareness by raising awareness on gynecological conditions, combating menstrual poverty and gender bias in healthcare.

Moreover, she has featured and appeared on several media platforms, including Army and You magazine, JUNO magazine and Boots Health & Beauty magazine in the UK, Health magazine in the USA, and other renowned radio, online, and television platforms.

Watch the documentary detailing her condition in the video below;

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