Men Who Are Poor In Bed Are The Worse Cheaters, They Go About Trying To Display Their Disability – Blessing Okoro


Popular Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has triggered another reaction on social media saying men with poor skills in bed are the worse cheaters.

She indicated that men who cheat the most are very poor in bed hence go about embarrassing themselves on other women beds

According to her, some women are very possessive about their husbands sleeping around because they don’t want to be a disgrace.

Blessing Okoro added that this category of men finds pleasure in sleeping with women to showcase their disability.

She said, “Nobody cheats more than a man that is not good in bed. he will just be going about trying to show his disability. That is the reason why you see a lot of married women are possessive about their husbands. It’s because they don’t want the man to go out there to embarrass them