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Mind your business – Stefflon Don takes social media by surprise with Burna Boy ‘diss track’


On Friday, May 27, musician Stefflon Don promised to release a song addressing her break up with Burna Boy.

She first shared a snippet of it on her social media handles. The 11 second sound showed she sampled Burna Boy’s new song, Last Last which seemingly talked about their break-up.

At 5:00 pm on the said Friday, she released the song, titled First of All, but the content of it got people on social media confused while others were seemingly angered.

In the ‘song’ she released on her YouTube page, Stefflon Don didn’t sing.

No! She rather told her fans to mind their business.

Laughing on the track, she said, “so I just wanted to gather everybody here today to say it is now time to mind your business! It’s not everything that’s for everybody.”

She stated that people who rush to listen to other people’s business are “nosy.”

“Mind your business that pays you, okay? We’re all good. We’re all fine. We need justice,” she added.

Some people were hurt the musician ‘deceived’ them while others could only laugh at what she did.

Another fan noted that nobody asked for a diss track of any kind or called on Stefflon to address the breakup, she offered it, hence, people’s interest were only sparked when she said she would release a song as a reply to Burna Boy.

But one fan still believes there was and probably still is a diss track in Stefflon Don’s list of unreleased music.

Someone intervened on Burna Boy’s behalf..No way anyone can say Stefflon Don didn’t have a diss track ready.

Meanwhile, because she sampled Burna Boy’s Last Last, the song was taken off YouTube after Universal Music Group flagged the song for copyright infringement.

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