Earlier today around 12pm GMT. An incident occurred 1 meter away from the Koforidua Regional Hospital where by a lady went to make transfer at an agents centre.
Conversation went on between the agent and the lady whose identify can’t be disclosed. The lady requested a transfer of GH 600.00 to a number.

After transfer went through from the agents vicinity the lady called the receiver to alert him about the transfer.

Few minutes later the lady again requested for transfer of GH 500.00 whiles the relief transfer hasn’t been settled. This posses of the Agent making her call unto neighbours to help her get the lady dealt with.

Belongings of the lady was searched without seeing any money, only passport was found in her hand bag. Action of the lady was getting out of hands which led the Agent reporting to the nearest post. Victim of the incident Koforidua Central Police for further investigation.

News reported by RJ Yentics.

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