Music is a universal language- Wizkid says o

Music is a universal language- Wizkid says o

Wizkid recently had the chance to speak to a young girl who interviewed him and posed a lot of questions to him about his music and Afrobeats in general.

The Nigerian superstar who has been held in some breath as the biggest act of his generation, rightly mentioned that music is a universal language which means one does not have to necessarily understand his native language before vibing to the tune.

He made this statement during an interview on his sound and Afrobeats acceptance around the world on Jazzy’s World TV with the young girl who is said to be an actress.

The girl told Starboy that she is a huge fan of his music and Afrobeats but most of the time she does not understand the lyrics. She herself concluded that since music is a universal language, it speaks to her heart directly and that is all that matters to which Wizkid agreed wholeheartedly.

In addition to Afrobeats, the Grammy-winning artist mentioned that he enjoys Reggeaton and has friends who are Reggeaton musicians, probably although he does not understand Patois.


Source: GHBase