‘My Fiancee & Her Friend Order Me To Buy Bread As If I’m Their Younger Brother’ – Young Guy Says


A young Ghanaian guy has taken to social media to share his ordeal.

According to him, he is really finding it hard to comprehend exactly what is happening to him in his relationship.

He stated that he has been dating this girl for about five weeks, however, the lady and her friends order him about as if he is their younger brother.

His post reads;

“I have been dating this girl for the past 5 weeks now, but tell me is it proper as the boyfriend to be cooking and going to the market every time?


She always complains that she doesn’t know how to cook, but I always see her WhatsApp status with food she prepares. The worst thing is that even her female friends will come to my house, open the fridge, take drinks and I won’t talk. They will also order me to buy them bread as if I am their younger brother.”


He took to should me to solicit some ideas from social media users.

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