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My Fun Day Ended In Fears


Am a girl by the name Psamuella Grace Percy. From a Rich Family in the Eastern part of Ghana, i fell in a love with this gently man who goes by the name Cashezz but born in real life as Frank Anim. He was the first love i met in the year 2013 just after my secondary education. He proposed to me during our “Pens Down” event. An event purposely for Senior High School leavers.

It was my first time speaking with a guy face to face and eye ball to eye ball. I never took it easy but i managed since all his friends were watching us and didn’t want to disgrace him. He took my number and paid for my bills that night. Wasn’t feeling comfortable having him around me but had no option since i made up my mind i want to have fun that night.
By the grace of God the day went over and the program came to an end. I decide to call on my uber, but the driver wasn’t picking up. It was around 2 am, no car was showing as i stood by a pillar with a sad face as i watch all my colleagues entering car with their boyfriends. I asked my self “how stupid have i been, attending a program for my first time and came without a companion or am too local” .

I walked about 30 mins without seeing any car or hearing any sound. I begun to panic as i had nothing to do. My mind drew my backwards on a guy who use to call me my wife in my neighborhood called Samuel. I called him and being so lucky he picked the call up as it rang for the second time. I showed him my location and he showed up in less than 15 mins.
i just jumped into his car and bow down to say a big Thank You to God. He asked of what brought me this far and i explained everything to him. He sent me to the nearest mart to get me some drink to release my stress and fears.

Seems it was a bad day for me. I was surprised as Sammy as i call him was over pampering me. He stood off the steer and got inside the mart, got me some ice cream. To my surprise the seal of the ice cream was torn but didn’t give him a negative mind. I started taking in the ice cream, in less than 20 mins i was done with it whiles haven’t still gotten into my hood which was less than 10 mins away from the mart.

I started feeling dizzy. I asked myself “did something go wrong”. Sammy packed the car in the midst of two old tractors and got off the steer walking towards my direction, fears got me shivering but didn’t show up. Sammy i poured all my trust in that night became my biggest enemy. He got to my side, opened the car and started to harass me.

I was dizzy and weak to the extent that i can’t battle to save my self. I was praying in mind as exchange words with him physically. Sammy unhooked my dress from the back and ……


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