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My Hard Times Turned Around


Am Bernard Kyei a graduate from one of the biggest Universities in the country. After completing my Tertiary education. I met Sandrah Andoh an Senior High School graduate. We both developed love for each other. It was my second month out of the 12 months National Service. Sandrah was giving a helping hand to her mum. She wasn’t working on her own but she was feeding me and that made me develop much love for her.

Soon my service was over and i had a few money on me. I couldn’t afford to loose Sandrah so all i got to do was to wed her. We all moved from the Northern but to stay in the Eastern part of the country. Life went on normal.Things were getting bad gradually, i applied for several vacancies but was not getting employed.

Due to my hunt for job for so many years but wasn’t finding one, i decided to become a Taxi driver to at least feed myself and poor wife.

I held on with the driving business for a couple of years looking to God to let my lamp shine. My wife was putting in much effort to get the family on a healthy ground. One of the saddest i could never forget was when my Junior High School friend as my woman to offer her s^x so he can employ me. Thou the work was going to earn me much but my wife with her Christianity life thought about the value of our relationship and rejected the offer.

One day i carried a woman from Airport to a Hotel. That was the only passenger i had for the day. I drove through the city till 9 pm without getting any passenger. I was totally short of words, didn’t know what was going to buy fuel not to think of feeding.
I just had to drive since i had no where to go again. I tried to clean the interiors and exteriors of the car. To my surprise i found a purse in the car which i thought it was a belonging on the woman i dropped at the hotel. I quickly called a number i found on one of her particulars.

I called and the woman answered the phone. I told her about her document she left inside my car and she told me to meet her. Since it was late she decided to meet me in the next morning. I met her, gave her documents to her and everything was intact.

The was woman developed trust in me and was so happy for the kindness i showed her. The document contained her international passport and return air ticket. She opened up her profession to me, She was a manageress in an Oil Company so she just gave me an employment.

With much excitement, i couldn’t even continue my daily activity. just drove home, explained to my wife and she busted into tears. Now we are happily leaving a rich life with our 4 kids.

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