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My Heart Found Him But His Action Pushed Me Away


Amina is my name and a custodian of the Northern Land of Ghana. I moved down to the southern sector to look for greener pasture. Am a hard working lady and educative but for financial crisis i wasn’t able to enroll in education. I intended being a “Kaya“. A name used to call people who run errands in the market by carrying stuffs for market women and customers.

One sunny day, i  met this noble man who came to the market to get himself some stuffs. I conveyed his stuffs into his track, he then got to his seat, came out with a complementary card, which he handed over to me. I wasn’t having phone then but  i managed to get to a communication center to give him a call since i didn’t know what news he has for me, being good on bad.

But all my prayers was to meet my helper. Indeed he was rich and a heart beat of every woman to meet someone who can provide her needs. I called him and identified my self to him, he was happy to hear from me and promised to check up on me the following day. It was 3 am they following which was a market there for us. My stomach begun to ache me. I wasn’t able to make it to the market that very day. I knew Mr John was going to be disappointed in me not showing up.

I gave him a a call and explained to him. I gave him my location thou i wasn’t finding it easy. He was a man on a higher level and bringing him to vicinity was a disgrace to me. In not more than 20 mins he showed up in in front of my house (a slum) . I wasn’t in a happy mood and comfortable thou.  We spent about 3 hours talking about our personal life.  He assured me the continuity of my education and the success in advance.

Mr John gave me five hundred Ghana cedis to keep to myself. He quoted “Manage this for the mean time”. I was surprised hearing this from him and it was my first time seeing 500 Ghana Cedis in since i paid off my fees in 2012.

He came to my house consistently and made me to give a quit to the work am into. He was pampering me a lot and also promised to give me a better leaving after i accept to be with him. As girl from a poor family accepting, i was to accept his proposal early in the first place but was toasting him beacuse i have had numerous advice concerning the behavior of men.

We stayed for more than 3 months, studying each other as he finally arranged for a dinner. He brought in some nice cloths in the afternoon to put on for the night. I was looking new in this club and high waist leggings with a wedge. It was 6 pm when i heard him calling my name, he was just in front of my house. I rushed to join him his car. wedove off above 30 mins and got to one of the biggest restaurant in town. I couldn’t open my mouth to make and order when the waitress asked me, for i didn’t know any dish i can name except Eba and pepper with salted fish.

It was my first time but Mr John made me enjoy the dinner. He brought out some envelop and handed over to me. I opened it and to my surprise it was promise ring. I started to shed tear as i bow down my head. I decided to raise my head as he called my name and there he was again kneeling just in front of me as everyone were watching us.

Will you accept to be my woman till death do us apart – says Mr John.

I just hugged him and give him a big “Yes”. The ring was putted on my finger, we continued to enjoy the food and afterwards he drove and drop me in my house. I went to bed just after i got home. It was 8 am the next day meaning i over slept. He was the one who woke me from bed with the horn of his car. He came in with a new phone and handed over to me, took me for a breakfast in a nearby cáfe.

W e drove back and had fun as we got home. He was in the act of trying to get in bed with me but i denied him access since haven’t gone far yet. He tried this consistently as he visits me and i always denied him when i found out he was eager to make his way with me. I inquired him to show me to his parent but he was always postponing the day. I begun to think negative about him until one day he came in around 5 pm. We spent much time talking and was getting late. I decided to escort him as i wanted to sleep but he insisted to sleep over.

What is wrong with this man – I asked myself and just went to close the door. I changed into my night wear as a daily routine. He also changed into his night wear, meaning he planned to sleepover. In the middle of the night i felt some soft touches which wasn’t familiar to me. I thought it was a dream until it was getting out of hand. I opened my eye to find my Mr rubbing his hand around my body. I shouted on him and tried to distance my self from him, this made him angry and he begun to react …….


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