‘Never Discuss Your Marriage Issues With Friends’ – Netizens Advised

Teenage Couple Having Relationship Difficulties

Netizens have been advised never to discuss their marital issues with their friends.

This advice came from a social media user on the popular social media platform, Facebook and although this social media user didn’t give any explanation, many people did not agree with the post.

The post reads;

“Never Discuss your marriage issues with friends 😊.”



Some reactions the post got are;

Obaa Kukky – Keep it to yourself and die alone…who are you deceiving

Ewuraba Akosua Mansa – Sei aaaaaa, they end up dieing. Mtcheeeewew

Efo Elikplim – Apparently you’ve been eating too much Kenkey Bro. You have no idea how silence is taking a lot of lives

Gifty Addo-Teye Teiko – If you had been with an abusive person, you will know that you need people.. Wo de hmm, hmm, hmm saa na w’awu..

Freda Owusu – Sesei koraa de3 dean asem koraa ni. Everyone wants to be a motivational speaker. You can dictate for us wae.

Obaapayvonne Marshall – Not even that no one knows more we Are all learning everyday pray to God and your mother should be your best advisor. Trust me , but hope you have a good mother oo

Mayflower Maylove – We all have at least one trusted person who we can share ideas and problems with so don’t sit down and die depression.

Grace Enyonam Ashinyo – Please is good to talk to someone if you’re going through some difficulties so that you don’t die early ..
Just have the right person.
Know whom to talk too
We still have good people on earth waiii 😍