‘Never Let Anyone Tell You You’re Less Than The Value You Know You Have’ – Khutso Theledi


Khutso Theledi has urged her followers to never let anyone make the feel inferior.

The renowned media personality made this known in a recent social media post she made on her personal social media platform, Twitter.

According to her, people should never let anyone tell them they are less than the value they know they have.

The post she made reads;

“Rise to the challenge. You were never meant to settle. You were destined to rise. Rise above all who doubted you. Rise higher than they could ever imagine. Never let anyone tell you you’re less than the value you know you have.”

In a recent post on social media, she revealed her commitment as she celebrated her 30th birthday. Making the post, she wrote;

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“My commitment to 30.

I commit to thank God for the people who fought for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. The people who saw something in me when I couldn’t see it in myself. For the people who created environments for me to flourish when I felt like I was dying.

I want to find the place that God has for me, where no one else could thrive but me. I want to find a place in my heart where I have no bitterness. I want to find a place where God has designated my dreams to become my reality and I want to thank YOU for your love, strength, inspiration and motivation to take on challenges head on. I have many flaws, yet you’ve taught me that fearlessness can be contagious.