Obaapa Christy set to go worldwide with new single

Obaapa Christy set to go worldwide with new single

Gospel Music jumper and appointed Minister of God, Rev. Obaapa Christy is set to discharge another single titled: Hallelujah Hosanna, a tune that will solidify her status as one of the most steady Gospel Musicians in the nation undoubtedly.

Known for discharging top quality melodies in the Akan language, The ‘Allot Ase’ (I’m Alive) hitmaker took an increasingly fascinating course on her up and coming single, ‘Glory be Hosanna’ and it is set to make Gospel sweethearts question why she has concealed that side of her for very nearly a long time since blasting into the music scene. With endless gestures of recognition, revere and intercessory melodies commanding the music scene 10 years and over, her adaptability has never been in question.

‘Thank heaven Hosanna’ however, is a totally different measurement, an alternate class and complete authentication how she has developed in the business following quite a while of handwork.

It is relieving, reviving, endearing, a tune Cece Winans, Juanita Bynum or any A-List craftsman couldn’t want anything more than to claim yet Obaapa Christy is the one picked to possess and claims she did.


As far as creation quality and substance, the tune will drive the artist who was considered to have topped years prior to much higher statures on the off chance that it gets the correct push.

Like an old style Hillsong Worship, Hallelujah Hosanna is a tune of acclaim for the Most High, a supplication melody for the devotee and one that should attract anybody looking to have a private connection with God from a position of profound information closer to him.

It’s a tune for supplications, a melody for the devotee who needs to reinforce his confidence in the Lord during troublesome occasions throughout everyday life. Knowing who God gives extraordinary affirmation, this is the thing that Obaapa Christy set out to accomplish.

Talking in a meeting with this columnist, Obaapa Christy approached Ghanaians and corporate associations to help Gospel Music as they do to different types since it accompanies elevating substance that improve a country’s relationship with God.

She likewise showed that the choice to deliver a melody of that nature which is an incredible takeoff from the sort of tunes she is known for is to contact a bigger crowd with God’s promise through music.

Set to be authoritatively discharged on third March, the tune is accessible for pre-request on all major computerized stages.