Patience Nyarko Reveals How She Gets The Lyrics In Her Songs

The Lyrics In My Songs Are Given To Me Directly By God-Patience Nyarko Reveals


She told Rev. Nyansa Boakwa of Happy FM that she does not open her mouth to say anything at all but whatever comes out of her mouth is directly from the Lord. She added that she cares less about how people feel about what she says.

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I don’t talk anyhow; anytime you hear me speak, know that I’m just saying what God wants me to say and I don’t care whether or not it makes you happy; what I say might help someone and that’s what matters

. she said in the interview.

She further stated that she has had a some issues with some people in the country, especially her colleagues in the entertainment industry just because she says the truth.

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 “This made me realize that, people hate to hear the truth”, she added.

She continues to assert that most Christians are still not matured in the religion so they do not understand what comes from the Lord through her.

The matured ones and those who have insight in this understand what I was talking about. We even have some pastors who are still babies in Christ and this is what many don’t understand.

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If you don’t understand anything I say, it simply means you don’t understand the word of God, she said.

Patience Nyarko also said that she has always spoken the truth and the matured Christians always understand unlike the “baby Christians”.