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Pitch invasions are a big problem and could lead to someone being KILLED – what if a player got stabbed?


PITCH INVASIONS are becoming a huge problem.

And I want to use this article to plead with the FA and the Premier League to seriously look into this. Right now, they are putting players and managers in really difficult situations.

In this country, we are always reactive rather than proactive.

Patrick Vieira kicked a fan to the ground after he was verbally abused on the pitch at Goodison Park

So, do something about it . . . before someone is killed.

These invasions have become a growing trend over the last couple of weeks and what we have seen is an undying need from a small percentage of idiots to go that one step further.

A man was jailed and banned from football for ten years after a vicious headbutt on Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp

If you knew Vieira as a player and a man, he is not going to let someone physically touch or insult him without doing anything back.

We all remember the iconic pictures of him and Roy Keane. If he is not scared of Keane, he will not be scared of some geezer running up and swearing in his face.

Sharp’s team-mate Oli McBurnie was accused of ‘stamping’ on a Nottingham Forest fan

The reactions online were about Vieira getting in trouble but why are we missing the point that the fan was in HIS face.

Vieira is no different, regardless of the money he earns or the sport he is involved in.

We are in a weird space right now where the victim is seen as the problem, more than the person who is actually the problem.

The stewarding also has to be looked at. You don’t want the stewards to put themselves in danger but it feels like right now that if you want to walk on to a pitch, you can.

What will it take for that to change? A player to react and a supporter gets seriously hurt?

Port Vale defender Mandela Egbo blasted ‘scummy’ Swindon fans after he was involved in a fight on the pitch

That player would end up getting punished, and maybe a prison sentence, and then people will wake up and start talking about looking after players.

On the flip side, it could also lead to a player being killed, quite easily.

What happens if a player got stabbed? Then what? Is it still the player’s fault?

And when that happens, please don’t tell them they should have known better.

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