Questions About Computer Engineering Jobs

The BLS projects a 15% increase in jobs for computer and information technology positions from 2021-2031.

Questions About Computer Engineering Jobs

What does a computer engineer do?

Computer engineers design, build, and test hardware components and systems. A computer engineer works with software developers to ensure the hardware and software work in tandem while balancing factors such as performance and material cost.

Why is computer engineering a good career?

Computer engineering offers interesting, vital roles developing new and cutting-edge technology, a necessity in modern society. This role can appeal to those who enjoy solving puzzles or creating something new. The field boasts lucrative salaries and career growth opportunities.

How much does a computer engineer make?

According to 2021 BLS data, computer engineers make a median annual salary of $128,170. The pay may vary depending on the sector and experience level.

Are computer engineering jobs in demand?

Existing data shows conflicting results. The BLS projects a marginal job outlook increase of 5% in computer hardware engineering positions from 2021-3031. However, the BLS also projects an overall 15% increase in tech industry jobs. Computer engineering jobs remain essential to creating new technology.

source: RJ Yentics