Reasons why some men subject women to physical abuse

Television host, Master of Ceremony and Voice-over artiste, Yaa Yeboah, has shared some reasons why some men mete out physical abuse on their wives or girlfriends.

Discussing ‘Physical abuse in relationships’ in an interview with Mercy Bee on Girl Vibes which airs on eTV Ghana, she defined the act physical abuse as endangering someone’s life basically by inflicting pain on them or hurting them.

She clarified that physical abuse does not only have to do with hurting someone so much that it can be seen or physical marks are left on the body. According to her, even pushing or pinching someone can be termed as physical abuse if it is done with the intention to hurt the person.

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Furthering on the reasons for some men engaging in this act, she said, “With men who tend to physically abuse, sometimes, it’s not necessarily because they don’t love their partners. Some of them have been victims of physical abuse and some of them have witnessed their father physically abusing their mother.

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When the father beats the mother, they later talk about it and because of the kids they have together, they reconcile so growing up, the kids see all of that and begin to see it as something that is normal”.

The MC added that for some men, it is because they are unable to control their emotions and they do not know how to communicate, hence, when the lady does something to get him angry, he just bursts out and throws a hand at her.

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These, however, she did not mention as justifiable reasons for physical abuse. She further added the obvious, that for some men, it is just in their nature to physically abuse their partners intentionally at every wrong turn, and they do so with no regrets. This probably happens because they do not love the woman anymore.

MC Yaa Yeboah advised that any woman who is in a relationship that has her enduring any form of physical abuse should opt-out.