Richie Mensah Speaks on Guru And Kuami Eugene Saga – Check What he said


Richie Mensah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lynx Entertainment has at last stood in opposition to the fight going on between his name marked artistes Kuame Eugene and NKZ singer Guru.

The underlying driver of the braw is that, Guru and Richie kinship hit the stones a long time back and keeping in mind that we thought they’ve settled or headed out in different directions always in the music business, they have revived their hamburger once more.

As indicated by Guru, who has been uproarious of the circumstance composed an epistle to Kuame Eugene encouraging him to avoid potential risk when he attempts to have circumstances with different performers who are not in acceptable terms with Lynx Entertainment since, he won’t be the top choice of the record mark perpetually and a period will come when he will require help from a portion of the artists which Lynx Entertainment will make an exchange among him and them.

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Master’s letter, which he additionally shared on social media for tremendous crowd was because of Kuame Eugene declining to highlight on his tune basically in light of the fact that there is an uncertain issue between his supervisor Richie Mensah and Guru.

Indeed, as per Kuame Eugene he turned down Guru’s solicitation since he slighted his manager Richie Mensah.

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Nonetheless, per Guru’s translation of Kuame Eugene’s choice to not work with him, The Rockstar thought he Guru was searching for a hit tune that is was the reason he reached him.

Reacting to Guru’s allegations and suspicions of Kuame Eugene’s choice, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment himself Richie Mensah said Guru has been disregarding him for as long as years and hence, it is highly unlikely the two can cooperate particularly with his marked craftsman when there’s a fence between their fellowship.

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Richie Mensha additionally denounced Ghanaians that, they have shown their bad faith in the glare of people in general for tremendously supporting Guru’s grievances whiles they stayed silent when Guru was offending him and making awful exposure about him in the general population.

Taking to his twitter page, tweeted a screen capture of a Facebook present he made on disclose the to the information on the public what truly is going on among Guru and Lynx Entertainment and Kuame Eugene.

The following is Richie’s full post.