Ridge hospital finally provides medical records of Dr Kuto’s late wife

The tussle between Director of Institute of Languages, Dr Emmanuel Kuto and Accra Regional Hospital, otherwise known as Ridge hospital has taken another turn after the former sued the health facility over negligence leading to death of his wife.

For a long time, Dr Kuto lamented about how the hospital had refused to hand over the medical records of his wife to help him request for post-mortem and investigations to the cause of his wife’s death.

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He noted that he had resorted to suing the health facility to force them to do the right thing.

Taking to his Facebook wall on Monday, the Director of the Institute of Languages disclosed that Ridge hospital “came running” with his wife’s medical records after he got to court.

“So, I literally begged Ridge Hospital to give me my wife’s medical records.

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They refused and dared me to go to court.

We got to court this morning and here they came running with my wife’s medical records,” part of his post read.

“They gave the records to my lawyer less than 30 minutes before the case was called.

“Such cynicism can only come from Ridge Hospital.

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“Now the gloves are off,” he added.

There have been back and forth from the Ridge Hospital since Dr Kuto accused some staff of the facility of prescribing wrong medications to his sick wife while she was on admission there, leading to her demise.

The hospital vehemently denied the report, launching investigations into the incident.