Online networking Gossip mongers Allege Medikal Slept With Fella’s Sister; Fella Reacts Badly

One would have believed that after Fella’s “Territory Of The Relationship Address” conclusion would have been brought to the entire issue in connection to the show that has unfurled in the online networking space as of late.

In any case, that doesn’t appear to be the situation all in all new wind has been presented by gossipmongers via web-based networking media.

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The entertainer and business person has in a tweet zionfelix.net located responded furiously to developing gossipy tidbits that Medikal laid down with her blood sister, Fendy, the explanation their relationship has evidently hit the stone.

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The Yolo TV arrangement star has lashed out at such individuals and depicted that as nauseating.

She likewise states insistently that her sister has nothing to do with all the choppiness in her sentimental association with Medikal now.

Fella likewise gave a harsh admonition to individuals who are circling this tattle to ensure they cease from it and let her family well enough alone for this show.