Shugagati Does It Again As She Shows The Shape Of Her ʋαɠιɳα In Boxer Shorts (Watch)


Instagram model and slay queen Shugatiti is back in the news again and doing what she knows how to do best in this video circulating online.

The Ghanaian celeb has built a huge reputation hinged on sexual imagery and this video first shared by 360News is woven around the same loom. She is seen making sensual gestures while shaking her waist and essentially putting her puffy meat down on display.

Perhaps she’s yet to land a Papa No who’ll whisk her away from this social media buffoonery so this video is a subtle reminder that she’s still available for the taking. Watch the footage below;

Shugatiti was equally in the mix when she whetted the appetite of her numerous male fans who are so obsessed with her sensuality and femininity back in February 2021.


Known for going raw in videos and photos she often shares on social media, the actress- knowing very well that Val’s Day is in sight and probably needs a Papa No to sponsor her, has dropped another sexual imagery of herself.

She also swayed her hips to the rhythm of Okese1’s song that was being played in the background.

In other news, an audacious man who decided to aim his cupid arrow at no other person than his female boss has lost his job in the process.

As deduced from his narration on Twitter, the young man revealed that he got fired from his workplace because he made advances at the new manager and it was considered inappropriate.

He took to Twitter to make this known just hours after he asked social media users if it is a good idea to shoot his shot at her. Giving a subsequent update, he said his attempt to woo his boss has now rendered him unemployed.

According to him, he asked for his female boss’ number and suggested doing something later, but she reported him on the allegations of harassment. The man originally tweeted; ”Got a new manager at work and she kinda cute do I shoot my shot”

Then he wrote after some hours;

”It appears that I am now unemployed

Dawg y’all gotta understand I fr asked for her number so we could do sumn sometime and ig she took that as me asking for s** cuz she started trippin and told my store manager that I was “catcalling” when we don’t even let pets in the store she just started saying shit.”