Snoop Dogg explains how leaving Death Row Records for No Limit saved his life: “They broke my spirit”

He recalled dropping Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg explains how leaving Death Row Records for No Limit saved his life: “They broke my spirit”

Snoop Dogg didn’t like his experience at Death Row

While Snoop Dogg built the foundation of his legacy at Death Row Records, the rapper says the label damaged his “spirit.” During a recent discussion on the 85 South Show, the Doggfather recalled how moving from Suge Knight’s Death Row to Master P’s No Limit changed his life for the better.

He recalled dropping Doggystyle, The Doggfather, beating his murder case, 2Pac getting murdered, Dr. Dre leaving, Suge going to jail, the label putting a hit on him, and how it all messed up with his inner self.

“They was soldiers, for real. Organized. Structured,” Snoop said of No Limit. “Them n-ggas didn’t play, and P was serious about his business.”

The Compton rapper added that Master P told C-Murder and Soulja Slim not to take him to their respective hometowns of Calliope and Magnolia projects, but they did anyway. “I’m violating but then I’m listening then I’m watching how they not listening then I said, ‘I’m not going to be a bad student. I’m a stop doing what they doing,’” Snoop explained. He continued that Master P gave him his first house and car under his name since everything that he owned before was under Suge and Death Row.

When Karlous Miller acknowledged Snoop’s humility for agreeing to start from a low level again when he already had a name at Death Row, the rapper explained how his time at the label was distressing.

“But I wasn’t,” Snoop said while talking about whether he was thinking about the success he already achieved at Death Row. “My spirit wasn’t that. See that’s what you gotta understand. N-ggas broke my spirit. That broke me, man. They broke my spirit. Look, Doggystyle, working on Doggfather, win my murder case, Dre leaves, Tupac get killed, Suge going to jail, Death Row want to kill me. That’s all in the same year.”

source: dailyrapfacts