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State holds onto late Daniel Batidam’s vehicles

Late Daniel Batidam

Scarcely two weeks after the internment of one of Ghana’s first enemy of defilement campaigners, Daniel Batidam, his relatives are yet to meet and check out his advantages and liabilities.

However, before they do that, there is as of now a furious test from the Presidency, which the family, state has left them damaged.

Last Wednesday night, six-furnished police officers and two regular people struck the late Batidam’s home to hold onto autos, a Toyota Camry and a Mitsubishi Pajero, which they asserted had a place with the state.

They were driven by one Kwabena Ahinkra, who said he was working under guidelines from Captain Koda, the Chief Security at the Presidency.

He was in a Toyota Prado vehicle enrolled GT 9801-16. He said he was told to drive the vehicle to the Jubilee House, but instead had a Land Rover towing truck towed to the Adenta Police Station.

The person who had the keys to the room where the keys of vehicles were, was absent at the hour of Kwabena Ahinkra’s visit; yet they would not hold up until she comes.

The relative who addressed theghanareport.com, said the handbrake of the Camry was not on, so they powerfully towed the Toyota Camry to the Adenta Police Station.

They additionally made one of the relatives of the late Daniel Batidam compose an announcement. The deprived family, was on Friday, trained to send the Pajero to the Adenta Police Station, where the seized Camry was stopped.

The family was left damaged by the activity of the state, however they consented and drove the vehicle with it papers to the Police Station for confirmation.

Last Friday, the family took all the reports on the vehicles together. The Camry was later discharged to the family after it was demonstrated with records that the late Batidam had appropriately paid for it and it distributed to him by the state as his finish of administration advantage.

The Jubilee House agents, guarantee they will do additionally keeps an eye on the Pajero and have requested that the family give them by the end of today to affirm its actual possession.

Curiously, Kwabena Ahinkra, requested the expense of towing the Camry from Mr. Batidam’s home be paid by the family, however was informed that would not occur and asked to rather guide his interest to the individuals who sent him on the activity.

“We are profoundly damaged that scarcely two weeks after his internment, our Daniel is being blamed for taking state property. Somebody is out to give him an awful name in his passing. Why now and not when he was alive?” a family representative told theghanareport.com

As indicated by the family, neither of the vehicles has a place with the state. The late Batidam, filled in as a Presidential Advisor on Corruption and Governance under the John Mahama organization.

At the point when they were leaving office, they were given the alternative to purchase the official cantina vehicles they were utilizing.

Archives on the Toyota Camry, show that the vehicle was esteemed at the STC, and the late Batidam, paid for it before the proprietorship was moved to his name. The pre-owned Toyota Camry was esteemed at 25,000 cedis and he paid. Moreover, he paid an obligation of 12,000 cedis before the responsibility for vehicle was moved to him.

Batidam purchased the Mitsubishi Pajero from Malin Investment Company Limited in September 2019, about three years subsequent to leaving office. There are records demonstrating when the organization imported the vehicle, the obligations they paid and the exchanges between the organization and the late enemy of defilement warrior.

Despite the fact that, the family demonstrated archives of the vehicles to the police and different authorities who raged the house, in the wake of verifying the Chassis and motor quantities of the vehicles and reviewed the records, they despite everything demanded holding onto the vehicles.

Daniel Batidam, a previous Executive Director at the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), kicked the bucket on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, at Mampong in the Eastern Region from a malignant growth related disease. He was covered in Navrongo on February 8.

Mr Batidam, likewise filled in as delegate for Ghana on the AU Advisory Board on Corruption, a situated he left along these lines, refering to profound situated debasement, absence of responsibility among others at the secretariat at the AU Commission.

He surrendered in June 2018.

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