Stop Saying “I Saw Your Missed Call” It’s Wrong- 7 Wrong English And Corrections


The English language isn’t our mother’s language yet to the extent we are into it, we should attempt our most ideal in utilizing it the correct way it ought to be utilized. Nobody is great or above blunders. All I need you to know is the adjustment to little confuses taken for granted while communicating in the English language.

As a business administrator, understudy, pastor, or whatever profession you are into. Speaking great English with little or zero mistakes take you above others around you. The articulation is very much credited to regard, trust me, you could always lament being unable to get the correct words at the ideal time.

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Wrong– Have you eaten?

Right– Have you taken your breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Wrong– How was your night?

Right– I hope you slept well?

Wrong– The reason is that she left alone.

Right– The reason is she left alone.

Wrong– I am going to night vigil.

Right– I am going to the vigil

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Wrong– I will try my possible best

Right– I will try my best possible.

Wrong– The meat is too strong.

Right– The meat is too tough.

Wrong– She is mannerless.

Right– She is ill-mannered.

Wrong– I saw your missed call.

Right– I missed your call.

There is a difference between speaking great English and sparking great English. Speaking great English is the point at which you utilize the correct words while sparking great English is the point at which you think you are utilizing the right word though they are incorrect.

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My recommendation (Don’t proceed to start believing that you are speaking) I drop my pen.