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The Evil In My Own Shoes


Before graduating from Tertiary In the year 2014, i had this friend i trusted with my heart. We lived like siblings  and everyone knew we were. Her parents use to check on me when ever they come around and my parents do same. After graduating from school we were distanced since we weren’t from one home but internet was linking us together. I had a friend who i was crushing on and my friend Emerita was the only one i informed. She always advised me about  how relationship in school can cause negative impart on my education and life as a whole. I knew Stephen was also crushing on me but we both were the shy type, no one was ready to make the first step.

One day i decided to pay Stephen a visit since haven’t set an eye on him after 2 years of graduating. I called this my very called sister who never led me down. Indeed she was a shoulder i could lean on. We set off to visit Stephen who leaved 3 hours away from our town. We finally got to Stephen’s place, it was Emerita’s first time talking to Stephen face to face. He welcomed us to our satisfaction and asked me to see him in chambers as we have a private talks.

Stephen i knew in school have changed for that was my thinking after he got the courage to ask me to have a private talks with her. He then gathered all his vim and made a proposal to me. Since i have been waiting for this over year, it took me know more than a minute to accept him.

Emerita was in the hall watching movies as i have fun with Stephen in their balcony. It was getting late and we had 3 hour journey to cover before getting home. My battery was dying so i used Emerita’s phone to take Stephen’s new number. He then got closer to me, held my waist and whispered in to my ears “I will miss you” and concluded with a kiss. At a look of things, i could say Emerita was angry but i didn’t consider her action serious. We headed home safely, as i copied my number and escorted my friend to her house.

We had couple of talks when returning but Emerita wasn’t talking straight, how could i think evil for her ?. My good friend since school days. It was pass 3 days, i haven’t called my crush who has now won my heart, Stephen. So i decided to call him  one of my good days among the week, precisely Tuesday. I called him several times and he wasn’t picking my calls. I made some days pass, this my found lover wasn’t picking up. I called my friend to explain things to her, she was also not picking. Seems i was in the middle of an ocean.

I then rushed to my friend’s house to found out what’s wrong, not knowing she has been out of the house for a week. Her mum couldn’t tell where she left the house for. I now have no option than to go alone. I just rushed home, change into one of my nice looking dress and made up my mind to go check on my love.

10 am in the morning, i have already covered one third of the journey to Stephen’s house. I decided not cal her that very day. I got his town, got some food stuffs and board a taxi to his house. My bad manners didn’t let me knock when i got to the frontal gate of his room. I heard a familiar noise screaming in the room as they both exchange words.

“God don’t let this be what am thinking now” – said this to my self.

I stood there for some without moving or uttering a word, i was speechless then. Was in my own thoughts, should i enter, should i just get back home and forget about Stephen. I gathered much courage, entered the room without knocking. OMG !!!


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