Evangelist Dr Lawrence Tetteh has approached government to survey its rules to churches and mosques as it facilitates limitations on strict exercises in the nation.

As indicated by the minister, a large number of the rules are vague and along these lines require further exchange and agreement with pertinent partners.

In his view, a portion of the people that may have drafted the rules are not otherworldly enough to guarantee a fair record.

“The vast majority who end up in educating on some with respect to these things are not as strict as a few of us are and that is the reason everyone is required.”

Addressing Francis Abban on the Morning Starr, he approached government to open up for individuals who are not in government to get their voices heard on the issue to get a parity.

He stated, “the greater part of the things there are not serviceable and I’ve heard toward the beginning of today and yesterday that a ton of places of worship have even chosen not to return to chapel since they can’t hold fast to the conditions and unquestionably when the president talks its significant no one criticizes the president’s structure since Christianity is precise and obviously we should regard our pioneers.”

He agreed “so returning to the planning phase again is significant so a portion of these conditions would be loose as well as we will get a feeling of intermingling that will be valuable to one and all.”

“All things considered, we as a whole realize that with regards to Covid-19 it doesn’t single out.”