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The media is not here to ‘lick your balls’ – Afia Pokuaa ‘Vim Lady’ to gov’t

The media is not here to ‘lick your balls’ – Afia Pokuaa 'Vim Lady' to gov’t

Broadcast Journalist with the Despite Media Group, Afia Pokuaa alias Vim Lady says Journalists are not here in Ghana to ‘lick the balls’ of any government.

Most party faithful and grassroots members of the various political parties attack and insult Journalists anytime they criticize their political parties and ask for accountability on monies spent by government or even falsehood peddled by the opposition.

But reacting to such attacks as the World celebrated World Press Freedom Day, Afia Pokuaa who is one of Ghana’s most respected media personalities said it is imperative that respect is accorded to the work of journalists especially in Ghana.

According to her, Journalists receive training to put the government on its toes and also inform the public and not just to sing the praises of the government in power or any opposition political party

She noted that it’s not for anything that the media is the Fourth Estate as stipulated by the drafter of the country’s 1992 Constitution.

“The next time you decide to insult a Journalist because of your political party, fire burn you. I’m saying this without fear or favour. This year, the Theme for the Celebration of World Press Freedom Day is Journalism Without Fear of Favour. Listen we are not here to lick any government’s balls”.

She indicated that the work of the Journalist is clearly spelled out by the Constitution of the country and if the work of the Journalist is not so important like how some people whose vision has been clouded by politics see it, the media will not have been made the fourth estate.

“Drafters of the Constitution were wise enough to have been aware of the fact that if there is no intermediary between the people and government, the people will be cheated by the government hence the role of the media in governance. We learned from the whites that the media should demand accountability from the government that takes the taxes for the people. That’s the work of the media and not praise-singing.”

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