The Only Thing Women Have Given Me In All My Relationships Is …’— Rapper, Yung6ix


Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix has revealed that the only thing all the women he dated offered in their relationship was se.x.

He made this revelation on his Instagram story as he opened up on his love life and past relationships.

According to Yung6ix, his last relationships got him traumatized and he does not need love but he does not know how to identify or appreciate it because it may take years to know what’s real and what’s not.

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He subtly disclosed that due to his past relationship experience, he has resolved in focusing on making money and music as it has made it possible for him to have any girl of his choice.

His post has triggered some reactions from social media users and a majority totally agreed with him.

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@onyii_naija:Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort

@zionite007:U can’t loose women when you chase money,but you can loose money when you chase women

@official_bobby_fredrick: Omo even rich n fine boys no dey see love , e come be me .. those seeing love these days are practicing juju

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@umycutie:Your Focus is valid. Focus on your focus. Love will come. If it doesn’t come on it own, money will beckon on it to come.

@stanley252359: Everybody always dey claim victim… who are the ones not loving others right?…. country filled with deceivers

@__mathematician: This one go Dey patronize olosho wella. Awon insta messenger executives