The Top Five Relationship Topics Guys and Ladies Should Pay Attention To


Relationships are hard to navigate, regardless of whether you’re the guy or the girl in it. In order to keep things healthy and happy, though, both partners need to be aware of what’s going on in their relationship.

Whether you need help making decisions about your future together or just want some reassurance that your fears are normal, these five topics should be part of every relationship conversation between guys and girls.

1. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve

Don’t put your relationship out there for everyone to see. It may sound counterintuitive, but a little bit of privacy goes a long way. I can tell you from experience that one of the biggest things that contributes to relationship drama is too much talking. Even if you’re 100% certain you’re with the one, talk doesn’t always have to be cheap and easy; there are some conversations where saying nothing (or as little as possible) is better than saying too much. Also, it’s important to realize that we live in an era where many people overshare on social media—so when it comes to feelings about love, relationships and even marriage, keep private until there’s a reason not to.

2. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

We all want to be our best for our partner, but taking care of yourself comes first. If you’re stressed, sick, worried or unhappy then you can’t expect to feel like your best self when with your partner. Make time each day to exercise, eat well and get enough sleep. Those things help both your mental and physical health so that you have more energy in general – energy that will go a long way in making sure you have a fulfilling relationship as well as a healthy one.

3. Communicate openly


One of the most common things people cite as a cause for relationship failure is miscommunication. While there are times when silence can be golden, not communicating your needs with someone you’re spending time with can lead to trouble down the road. Don’t bottle up your feelings; tell your partner how you feel. Misunderstandings and hurt feelings can be easily resolved if you keep an open dialogue going.

4. Have fun together

No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, there are three things that make a relationship successful: having fun together, good communication skills, and being kind to each other. And while it’s easy to see these traits in others, many people struggle with them when they are trying to improve their own relationships. Taking a look at your own can help you pinpoint your weaknesses and come up with ways to fix them.

5. Love selflessly

Love yourself before you love others. You can’t help others if you don’t even love yourself. Love isn’t self-seeking or self-serving; it’s about loving others unconditionally. If you want a successful, fulfilling relationship, make sure you spend as much time getting to know your own worth, goals, values and desires as finding out what matters to someone else. You must be healthy on your own first—and that often means taking care of you first.


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