Most defeats of men are brought about by MULTIPLE lady friends. Sex is a profound experience I remain to be adjusted, only one out of every odd young lady has a decent soul, some are evil presence, a few has poison in the middle of their legs, some are executioners and fate destroyers, be cautious. A man who can control his sexual desire is a man who can live numerous years one earth

1. Having numerous lady friends doesn’t make you a man. It just makes you a womanizer, a cheat and a kid.

2. A genuine man has just a single lady in his life.

3. For the way that you are acceptable in bed doesn’t make you a man. A genuine man is the man who doesn’t flee from his duty yet faces it soundly.

4. You don’t have to hang your pants and stroll round the road before young ladies will cherish you. Infact it is just little young men that droop pants and it is untimely young ladies that begin to look all starry eyed at men who list pants.

5. Try not to utilize and dump women. Recall the law of karma. Whatever you do, you will get the prize.

6. In the event that you can’t make her your better half, don’t make her a mother. On the off chance that she can’t be your significant other don’t lay down with her.

7. Try not to comply with your erection consistently. Most occasions our erections delude us to a misguided course. Control your erection. Try not to let your erection control you. In the event that you don’t you will have barely any days on earth with much neediness on you. You may affront me yet it doesn’t make a difference to me now, on the grounds that am finished disclosing to you this.

8. It isn’t all that you see under skirt that you should hustle to eat, a few skirts contain snakes that will chomp you and leave you awkward. Control your sex encourage. Restraint and forbearance by and large pays a ton.

9. Try not to date a woman since she has provocative bends, boobs and shapes. Those things are simply bundling; and bundling can be exceptionally tricky dodge such.

10. Regard any woman that adores you. Indeed, it is difficult for a woman to toss her affection on you and bolster your future.

11. Try not to beat any lady, regardless of whether she isn’t your better half.

12. Genuine man figure out how to leave well enough alone, not all that occurs in your home that you go to conversation outside with companions . Join my Facebook gathering( Little Advice)