Many accounts have been given on the instances that led to the death of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, the armed military man who was lynched at Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region by some townfolks in 2017.

On June 2, 2017, the Director-General of the CID, DCOP Bright Oduro gave a detailed account of how Major Mahama met his untimely death through instances of mob justice after being mistaken for an armed robber.

“On Monday, May 29,2017, at about 8:00 am the deceased left the detachment base for a 20km walk, he was in civilian clothing but carried his sidearm (gun)… he had walked to a place at the outskirt of the village where a number of women were selling food items by the road, the deceased stopped to interact with them and even bought some snails which he left with the women to pick-up on his return from the walk. While the deceased was taking out money from his pocket to pay for the snail, the woman from whom the deceased bought the snail and a few others saw the deceased side arm tacked to his waist… without verifying the information, the Assemblyman mobilized the town folk to prepare to attack an armed robber who have been sited by the women,” said DCOP Bright Oduro in a Press Briefing.

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