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[+Video] “I didn’t steal Kuami Eugene’s video concept, I did to him what he does to others” – Musician speaks


Bhadext Cona is a singer who has claimed Kuami Eugene copied her song “Bolga” and replicated it in his new song “Bunker.”

According to her, Kuami Eugene copied the melody, beat and rendition of her song and decided to give it a new feel, tempo and name, Bunker.

Right after the “Bunker” track was released, Bhadext Cona has made legitimate claims about the fact that Kuami Eugene stole her song and made it his own.

In a new video, Bhadext Cona has spoken about the concept of the “Bolga” and “Bunker” videos after their release.

The two videos appeared to have the same concept, plot, props and virtually the same melody. Reacting to the claims that she also stole Kuami Eugene’s video concept, Bhadext Cona said he did to Kuami Eugene what he does to others.

Kuami Eugene is disturbing me so I disturbed him a little. I’m learning from him. Kuami copied me and I learned from him. He copied my song Bolga and named it Bunker. We sent him my song through a third party for a feature. That was there months ago.”

She continued to say that: “Kuami Eugene knows what he has done. We didn’t copy him, we learned from him what he loves doing. He should also feel how bad it is when someone picks your intellectual property,” he said.

In a nutshell, Bahadext Cona has intimated that Kuami Eugene should also move away from “stealing” the works of others before he accuses others of stealing his.

Kuami Eugene has been accused of stealing the works and concepts of others since he started his music. Many musicians have said he has a penchant for stealing or copying the works of others and making them his own.

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