[+VIDEO] Lady Apologizes To Gangster Boyfriend In Romantic Style And Gifts


An interesting video of showing a pretty lady trying to win her boyfriend’s forgiveness after offending him has emerged online.

In the video, the unidentified lady is seen on her knees in her boyfriend’s room waiting for his return after nicely decorating the room with balloons and other items and also she wrote on his bed ‘I’m Sorry’ with rose petals with wines and perfumes on it.

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Her gangster boyfriend now enters the room accompanied by his friends and whilst smoking, the lady holds his leg in tears. Few seconds later she got up and hugged her. The video has generated funny reactions on social media.

Watch the video below;

Read some reactions below;

She never open eyes. Wait until one alaye spend on her. She go regret everything she just did here 😂😂


Raise your daughters high so they dont ever be at the mercy of iphone giving Yahoo elements


The hands wey e suppose take hug her na him he dey use puff smoke & hold jeans…you go even know say na gift card money the werey still dey chop😂 orichirichi


If my babe doesn’t go extra mile to get my attention, then i don’t want her 🙏🏿


When you break up with ikorodu boy, Werey for back dey burst balloon like say him no like the girl 😉


The only annoying thing is the body language of who she’s apologising to…We all deserve better