(+Video) Man beats his son mercilessly after he allowed a g̷a̷y̷ man to grind him openly at a party


A man descended heavily on his son after word got to him that he was seen at a party having the time of his life with a popular g̷a̷y̷ man in the town.

The man flogged him mercilessly and asked him why he did that knowing very well that he was not raised to associate himself with g̷a̷y̷s.

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It took the intervention of the boy’s mother to stop the man who was bent on teaching his son a bitter lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.

This report is identical to a report of a Nigerian man who beat his daughter and almost choked him to death after he realized she was into lesbianism a few days ago.

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Together with other family members, the man pounced on the girl and gave her one hell of a beating.

In a corresponding video attached to the report, the lady was captured in a loved-up moment with her lesbian partner as they were seen kissing and lying in bed.

Her father who spoke in Igbo held her by the neck as he asked why she chose to practice such.

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Meanwhile, watch the video of the man beating up his son below;