Am Sandrah, a bank manager. I have been married to my husband for long. Have faced lot of challenges but will like to you this means to share my story on Yen Motion Media Platforms. My husband stretched his hand and slapped me because i denied him s£x.
One Friday evening i was got home early from work because was tired.

I came home early and prepared dinner, thou i was tired but had to do it. After dinner, we had our bath and all I could think of was sleep, but my husband was thinking differently.
He wanted s£x, i managed to go on five rounds with him but I was just too tired for that so I said NO when he was about to move on with the sixth round. I then asked him to wait until morning.

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My husband angrily left the bedroom and I drifted off to sleep because I was too tired, but I was woken up with a slap in my face. I thought the action happened in my dream, but It wasn’t. I was astounded when I saw it was my loved one who very me!

As I needed to asked him what the gave, he gave me another slap and said I reserved no option to deny him s£x. I had to slap him back, however that made him angrier, he hit me back and nailed me down-I battled with him, yet he overwhelmed me.
He tore my nightwear and RAPED me to his satisfaction.

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I still do not believe this happened.

What should i do friends and Family ?????/