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“We Are Not Mates If You Are Not Getting This From Your Husband” – Angela Nwosu


Controversial relationship adviser, Angela Nwosu has opened up about how she gets intimate with her husband every night.

According to her, her husband cuddles her to make her feel good every time she is in the mood for some affection.

Cuddling is so important to Angela Nwosu to the point of suggesting that she is not in the same class with anyone who is not getting cuddled by her husband in a certain way.

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Her post read: “Not the type he drops his hand on you while sleeping o I mean the type where you place your head on his shoulder and he envelopes you with both hands round your neck, your hot breath on his chest, with the chest hairs rubbing your face, then have your legs intertwined. If you are not getting this every night, respect me, we are not mates.”-

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