Why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia to legalize LGBTQ+ there? – Private Lawyer blasts Diplomats


A Private Legal Practitioner, Faisal Ibrahim has channeled his anger on the foreign diplomats advocating the rights of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) group in Ghana.

The lawyer, speaking on ”Kokrokoo” on Peace FM, blasted the diplomats for assisting the opening of LGBTQI office in the Greater Accra Region.

A five bedroom apartment housing the group was reportedly opened on Sunday, January 31, at Ashongman Estate.

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The ceremony was attended by the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, the Dannish Ambassador to Ghana and some officials of the European Union (EU) in Ghana.

Lawyer Faisal Ibrahim issued a stern warning to the diplomats asking “why don’t they introduce the same thing in Saudi Arabia? Why don’t they try? Because they know their values and religious principles don’t support it but why is that when they come to Africa, they feel they come and tell us anything they want?”

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He continued; ”You have the right to be whatever you want to do in your country but when you leave your country to another country, at least show respect that you’re going to deal with people there; so, don’t come and impose your ideas and values.”

He stated emphatically that it is an insult for the diplomats to seek to legalize homosexuality in Ghana.

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