Yahoo Boys Are The Reason The Youths Are Facing Police Brutality In This Country– Lady Argues


A Nigerian lady has argued that the activities of internet fraudsters, popularly called Yahoo Boys are the reason police brutality is common place in Nigeria.

To this extent, she believes successful men and women working legitimately are scrutinized by the police because of the flagrancy of these Yahoo Boys.

She wrote;

Yahoo boys are actually the reason the youth are facing police brutality in this country

Once police see a successful youth they just assume you are into internet fraud and funny enough it’s the hard working youth that is suffering.


While those yahoo boys will just settle them since they know their hands are not clean

The high rate of police brutality on youths in south west, south east, and south south is not the same as in the Northern side of Nigeria

Asked people who have visited all angles of Nigeria.

See screenshot below;