You Can’t Do Song About Fixing The Country Because You Took Money & Made A Song For Them- Worlasi Speaks


Ghanaian multi- talented rapper, singer and record producer Worlasi has fired again those who took money from the government and have now taken to social media to protest against its policies with the #FixTheCountry hashtag.

Recall the #FixTheCountry hashtag has been trending as number one on social media site Twitter for the past 24 hours as most Ghanaians who are not satisfied with the governance of the Nana Addo led administration are using it to express their grievances to the president.

Worlasi in reacting to the trend on Twitter stated most of the celebrities in the country can’t join the movement in fighting against the government because they took money from them during their last campaign before the 2020 presidential and parliamentary general elections to campaign for them.

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He said some of the well- known musicians in this country went as far as taking money from the camp of Nana Akufo-Addo to campaign for him and even hit the studio to record a song for him and endorsing his candidacy.

He added that this is not him throwing shots at anybody but the reality is that, these politicians hoard money in their pockets and leave some ‘droplets’ for the people so he don’t blame these musicians who answers the call of politicians during their campaigns because that where they will also get some of the money to ‘chop’.

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The ‘Okwasia’ crooner stated that he’s scared of the future as he might follow these musicians to engage in the same act if the country continue to ‘sink’ like this.

You can’t do any song about fixing the country cos you took money and made a song for them to fuvk up the country. . Hope we don’t fall for this too

For those that like drama .. it’s not about shots .. I’m worried for my future cos I might do the same too someday …. . They hoard money and leave droplets so we always hungry when they call us. . We have power but we can’t exercise them. COS THEY MAKE THE COUNTRY HARD !